Is wedding insurance important?

There is no hiding that weddings are expensive. Using many vendors and venues carries risks. Wedding insurance covers the run-up to the big day or the day itself. However, a change of heart or cold feet won’t count.

What does wedding insurance typically cover?

  • The wedding or reception venue goes bust or cancels on you. This is often covered under ‘cancellation cover’ as it almost always means the wedding is off.
  • A supplier lets you down. Suppose you don’t get the item/service from a pre-booked supplier (a florist or photographer). Or it’s damaged. You’ll be covered for any deposits you’ve paid out and additional costs you incur.
  • You cancel because key people (the couple, parents, or the bridal/groom party) can’t make it. It might be due to illness, jury service, accident, or death – unless it’s a pre-existing condition. Some insurers provide cover if over 50% of your guests can’t make the wedding causing you to postpone.
  • Lost, stolen, or accidentally damaged wedding rings, flowers, cake, outfits, and gifts. (Engagement rings aren’t included, so consider adding these to your home insurance.)
  • Wedding attire (such as the dress and suits) is covered for repair or replacement if lost or damaged in your possession.
  • Wedding gifts are covered if they haven’t been left unattended. Maximum value limits of around £250 per gift can apply, with some policies excluding cash/cheques.

What does wedding insurance typically exclude?

  • If you decide you no longer want to get married. Known as ‘disinclination to get married’ in the T&Cs of your policy.
  • Cancellation of the whole wedding if only a small part of the day goes wrong. Think flowers, cake, or transport. But you can be covered for these individually.
  • Cancellation or changes due to Covid-19.
  • Cancellation due to financial difficulty, other than redundancy.
  • Standard policies are unlikely to cover if heavy rain or a thunderstorm ruins your event. However, specialist policies may be available if you have an outdoor ceremony and want protection.
  • Marquees on your own or hired land. Some policies will provide this as an optional extra. Often covering damage to the structure, staging, chairs, tables, lighting, and flooring.

Planning an extravagant stunt or fireworks? Hire a professional or pay extra for cover. Most wedding insurance won’t cover firework displays or where fire is involved.

So the big question (after the big question) is, do I need wedding insurance? Consider if you’d be left out of pocket if something went wrong. Think about how much you’re spending. Also note, paying by credit card gives some free protection. But isn’t a substitute for insurance.