Fact sheet: travel insurance

No one wants to think about what could go wrong on holiday. But medical emergencies, cancellations, and lost or stolen luggage can happen. Don’t let an unexpected event ruin your travel experience. Travel insurance provides you with peace of mind!

In the UK, there are several types of policies available. So, you can forget your worries and enjoy your holiday! Some common types include:

Single Trip Travel Insurance: Just for a specific trip, likely up to 90 days. Most travel mishaps will be covered (but check the fine print). Think medical emergencies, delays or cancellation, and lost luggage.

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance: Like the above, but for multiple trips within 12 months. Perfect for those lucky ones who get multiple holidays yearly! Saving you money in the long run.

Family Travel Insurance: This will cover the whole family on a trip. Taking the stress out of medical emergencies, missed flights, and lost passports!

Backpacker Travel Insurance: Make sure your gap year only leaves fun memories. A policy especially tailored for extended trips. Lasting several months to a year and involving multiple destinations. It may even include benefits such as adventure sports coverage.

Senior Travel Insurance: Addressing the unique needs and risks linked to age while on holiday. Even offering coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.

Business Travel Insurance: Covering your work gear plus any cancellations that occur on work-related trips. Bonuses include emergency assistance services for business travellers.

Cruise Travel Insurance: This type of insurance is specially focused on covering the unique risks associated with boat life. Think, trip interruption due to missed port departures, itinerary changes, or onboard medical emergencies.

Winter Sports Travel Insurance: Designed for holidays in the snow! Covering you for skiing or snowboarding. Injuries on the slopes, equipment damage or loss, and weather risks.

Even though imagining relaxing on the beach is the fun part of holidays, it’s essential to assess the risks when it comes to travel insurance. Think about your plans and activities. Then review policy terms and conditions, coverage limits, and exclusions.

So, don’t forget your insurance before heading to the airport.